Boho Clothes

Boho Clothes are very similar to the clothing worn by the Hippies in the late 1960s, but are paired a bit differently for a ‘fresh’ look.

Basic Boho Clothes staples include ‘floaty’ peasant skirts (often in white and of gauzy fabric), peasant tops with puffy sleeves for colder weather or tanks for warmer climes, faux fur gilets, cropped jackets (fringed or beaded), and baggy cardigan sweaters.

Boho Clothes are available in a huge array of fabrics and patterns so a customized look is simple to create for any individual. Boho Clothes are normally very comfortable, though critics often refer to the style as ‘dumpster fashion’ as outfits from head to toe often resemble something the wearer pulled out of the rubbish bin. Essentially, Boho Clothes allow the wearer to appear to belong to a certain socio-economic group while still maintaining a significant chequebook balance.

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